14/09/2018 RMT Metal increased the casting capacity to 10 thousand tons.

RMT Metal increased the casting capacity to 10 thousand tons.

RMT Metal started its activities in 1987 by selling aluminum, copper, brass and bronze drums at Eski Sanayi. At the beginning of 2017, RMT Metal made an alloy ingot aluminum casting with 2 million TL machine investment and stepped into the casting sector. The company, employing a total of 15 people, 8 in the foundry factory and 7 in the scrap collection area, added casting capacity to 10 thousand tons per annum along with the new smelting furnace.
RMT Metal Board Member Sercan Taşar said that they were continuing in a 200 square meter shop in Anadolu Sanayi in 2007. "Some of the scraps collected inside and outside the city were spent on melting, is also on sale, "he said.

"We are behind the product we always sell"
Expressing that they established a casting plant in February and that they started to produce, Taşar stated that they built casting plants with their own capital while buying and selling alloyed ingot aluminum. Explaining that they mainly address the automotive and spare parts sector, Tasar continued: "Aluminum is being used in all areas of the industry, we supply aluminum to various sectors, we are in the market with our RMT mark and registered logos. We are behind the product we have always sold as a company and we are the most important feature that separates us from our competitors. "

"We offer top quality materials"
"The degassing process applied during casting is continued throughout the casting with special units, the hydrogen, calcium and slag ratio in the mine is reduced to minimum levels and the quality of the material is increased to the highest level," said Sercan Tasar, who also spoke of the special degasser unit for quality materials.
Taşar, who also explains the properties of the foundry factories, said: "We have increased capacity by investing in our factory, which has a casting capacity of 7 thousand tons per year in a closed area of ​​3 thousand square meters in 2017. The casting capacity together with the last melting furnace produced 10 thousand tons per year.

"We are manufacturing with a special quarry"
Indicating that they are producing with a special stove in the alloyed aluminum ingot sector, Taşar said, "Ocağımız allows 8 liters of liquid aluminum in one charge, so that we can capture quality in one shot. We also test our products with our analysis machine from the start of casting to the end of casting. The machines we use in our factory do not exist in any other factory in Konya, "he said.

"We want to open up to the European market"
Tasar said that they would like to open up to the European market in the coming years and that they are thinking of starting export by increasing their investment in new quarries and casting capacities within 2-3 years. Sercan Stone, "The market already next to a large portion of Konya in Turkey's dominant market we are. In addition to these, all of our machines have Turkish Standards Institute (TSE) and CE conformity documents. In addition, we will have no problem about exporting because we have ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015 and BS OHSAS 18001: 2007 quality certificates ".